Norman E Harrison Jr 2nd Engineer


Greg Harrison

Has anyone done any research into Norman Harrison's (b. 15 Sep 1873) ancestry? His biography indicates a wife Mary but no children. More importantly, both his brother and his father are shown as Swainston Harrison. Swainston Harrison is a common name in my family tree and I am hoping to tie Norman's father to my tree via a Colpitts Harrison b.25 Aug 1804 in London. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
Greg Harrison
Hallo, Greg. I'd say that the Liverpool Harrisons and the London Harrisons were almost certainly two branches of the same family. Not only is there the correspondence of names, but both families were in the same line of business in two different ports. Swainston Harrison senior in Liverpool was clerk to a ship's chandler, while Swainston junior was clerk for a shipping merchant trading with the African colonies. At the same time, a Colpitts Harrison in London (Edmonton) was a merchant trading with the Far East, and employing his two sons (Colpitts and Swainston) as clerks. Colpitts senior had been born c1833 in Hoxton and was very likely the son of the older Colpitts (born 1804) that you mentioned. Swainston Harrison in Liverpool was also London-born, and of the right age to be another son or perhaps a nephew.
Bob, you are correct. I found a short, two sentence entry in the Harrison family history that ties the two families together. Norman Harrison's father Swainston Harrison in Liverpool was the son of Colpitts Harrison b. 25 Aug 1804 in Shoreditch, London. Colpitts had 3 sons and a daughter. He was a wine merchant on Mark Lane, London.

I have no less than 13 Swainston Harrison names in my tree (so far) and another 12 Swainston-Harrison compound last names. It is a challenge to keep them all straight.

Thanks for your reply.