Normandie Film Footage For Sale

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Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Just received something really interesting in today's mail. There is a dealer by the ID of Aquitania1914 over at eBay selling a 45 minute video made from a "restricted use" 1943 US Navy film about the destruction and salvage of the Normandie. It contains a few minutes worth of Maiden Voyage footage, brief footage of the conversion work, and a nice series of shots of the fire and immediate post-fire. But, the bulk of the film is of the salvage process. It explains, in a relatively simple manner, how Normandie was righted - lots of great footage of the hull, and some interior shots as well. It ends on a congratulatory note with the Lafayette/Normandie entering drydock and some hauntingly beautiful (surprising for an Armed Services technical production) framed shots of the hull in lower New York Harbor. Mention is made of how the $4,000,000.00 salvage operation was financially sensible because it was considerably lower than the value of the Normandie's hull as a 'newbuild.'
However, the cost of actually restoring Normandie to operating condition was prohibitive and, as was likely suspected all along, she was good for little more than scrap. Try and pick up a copy via eBay- it's a surprisingly good film.
Dec 24, 1997
Jim this tape has been available for quite some time If I recall THS re 7C's Press has or had it in their list. Still headuing for the Grenadines? Never got ANY reply from anyone down ther re Antilles. Have Soooooper Great Holidays Cheers Jon
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