Normandie Maiden Voyage photos

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This is a series of photos, from an album of over 150 I acquired today, taken aboard the Normandie's maiden voyage. Here we see the crowd aboard awaiting her departure from LeHavre on 29 May 1935
The photographer was apparently one of the Vogue models who were aboard. Her initials, S.I.A.P. do not correspond to any name on the passenger list. This is a characteristic natural candid
one of several of her and the other models.
A gala onboard night in the Grand Salon, showing details of the Smoking Room and Cafe Grille staircase. One of the few slightly damaged shots in the book (lower left) which tore when someone apparently tried to remove it.
The New York City Skyline looms in the distance as an estimated 100,000 people await the Normandie's arrival in Battery Park and along the waterfront, and a flotilla of harborcraft move out to greet her. The excursion ship closest to the camera is the Playland Line's Americana.
The Americana heels as the crowd aboard her moves to port and the Normandie passes. Not from the album but purchased in the same photo lot.
And an almost corresponding view taken by S.I.A.P.
showing the Americana (right) several of the other craft, the skyline and, of course, the giant Mickey Mouse balloon which appears suspended over a barge in the center.
I have some Normandie photo's taken in 1935 or 1938 and some color 16mm footage. I am in the process of getting it scanned and put to CD. When I get all this done I will put it on. Your photo's look interesting. Thanks for sharing them.
You are welcome. The only color footage I've seen of the Normandie was a semi-professionally done home movie account of one of the Rio Cruises. There were several French feature films done aboard her, none of which are available on video in the US, so I look forward to seeing the blowups from your footage. This woman's photo album was a find- in addition to the Normandie maiden voyage photos and the photos aboard the Champlain and of various aspects of the rise of Nazism, there are some shots of an earlier trip aboard the Paris, some aerial shots of NYC she did from an open plane, and several of the 1933-'34 Chicago World's Fair. Apparently she lived well.
Also —

Immediately behind Normandie’s first funnel deck house (behind the children’s play room) was a structure made of pipes or poles which I assume may have been a swing set. Appears in some photos, but not all. Do you have any photos of it in use, or do you have any information on its history.

Jim and Scott, just found some color footage of Europa and Bremen on other reel, and a 3 stacker that I haven't seen a name on her. I have to look on my footage to see if there is a structure behind the first funnel. I know this footage is not the same as on Floating Palaces. There is a shot of a plane shooting of the deck of the Europa I believe and flying off, maybe for mail or something. Fred
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