Normandie Medallion

Jul 25, 2007
When Normandie made her maiden voyage on May 29, 1935 she captured the Blue Riband from the Italian Line Rex for the fastest transatlantic crossing. CGT was so confident that Normandie would set a new record that they had a special medallion commissioned to commemorate the event. This medallion is made of bronze and is nearly three inches wide. It was designed by Jean Vernon and features Normandie on one side, with the image of a woman (representing Normandie France) and a mythical seahorse on the reverse. I just received one of these Normandie medallions as a gift from my wife; she knows how I admire this great liner. I've read that these were given only to first class passengers on the maiden voyage. I've also read that were only given to VIP's on the voyage. Does anyone have any details regarding the medallion and its distribution? Any information would be appreciated.

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