Normandie model used in movie

Daniel Cox

Apr 5, 2004
Hi..........In the movie "No greater Love" (based on Danelle Steel novel) the opening scene shows a really great head on steaming view of the Normandie.This is a really great model and sea scene.Now this movie to cut costs used footage of other movies to make the movie in question.I was wondering where did they get the Normandie footage from?.She is sailing towards the camera at night and all lit up, and been in colour looks fantastic!. Has anyone else seen or noticed this?.........many thanks Dan
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
These days, if it wasn't colourized stock footage, then it may well have been done using matte paintings and a model, or computer generated imagry. Maybe even a combination of all of the above. The technology has become so good that it's very difficult to tell some of it from the real thing except perhaps that it looks a little too perfect.
May 12, 2009
I might be a little too late for this... But it is NOT the Normandie. What you saw was the footage of a model of "USS United States" that was from the 1966 "The Munsters" movie!

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