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I realize it was a long time since this post was last active, but I was wondering if the Normandie model was taken to Long Beach yet, and if so, have you any photos?

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Indeed, message received. Thanks Jon

I understand the Normandie model has indeed been taken to the Queen Mary and has been installed in its display case. Last December, when I was in Hollywood to do a television show, I talked with Father Pirrone on the telephone and he said his next project is to start all over on the Titanic and make a model with the same detail as the Normandie, after 20 years of post-discovery photos and information. I'm anxious to see the results! For those who want more photos of the Normandie model, order the current issue of the Titanic Commutator with a cover story feature on the model. Robert H. Gibbons
> [Yes Indeed the Super Normandie Model is in place on the Queen Mary along > with Father Pironnes Titanic and Lusitania. I sent Father Pirrone the commerative coin that was given out on the maiden voyage. Some years ago Rene Bouvard Director De Publicitie for the French Line gave it to me as he was at the launchung of the Normandie and the France and many other ships. That commemerative coin is now on display with the model. If anyone gets out there I would love a photo of the model in its place and of the coin. The Titanic Historical Society's latest Issue as Bob said has a real great article witth many pictures of the model.
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I know this is an old thread but its new to me. What did Father Roberto Pirrone use for blueprint sources on this? The detail is incredible!

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I just returned from a trip to Long Beach a couple of weeks ago. I visited the Maritime Museum expressly to see Fr. Pirrone's models of Titanic and Lusitania. Unfortunately, they were not there and the man at the front desk thought that Titanic was on display at the Queen Mary. I rushed over to the Queen Mary, but unfortunately had very limited time as I needed to catch a flight home,and was therefore unable to visit all the decks. I asked two different people if a model of Titanic was exhibited and they looked at me like I was crazy, so I assumed that Fr. Pirrone's model must have been part of a temporary exhibit.

I should have consulted with the experts on this board! Are all 3 of Fr. Pirrone's models on display somewhere aboard QM at present???
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Greetings all, Just did a QE2 voyage and stopped off at the QM1 to see Father Pirrones
Normandie Model on display on board with his Titanic and Lusitania. IT appears he has added much more detail to them Especially on the Normandie such as cargo,cars, people and in the Bow section you will see a hole in the bulkhead which show the Crews Mess. The photos do not do the model justice when taken through glass but it was the best I could do and I hope you like them. If you get out to CA you should really take the time to visit this display. Now to upload 22 pictures the way Mike Standard suggested. Hope it works. Note last photo is the Maiden Voyage Coin given to me many years ago by Rene Bouvard Director Publicite CGT so thought it best to put it here thanks to Father Pirrone Th Th Th Th Thats All Folks
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Maiden voyage coin given to me by Rene Bouvard CGT Years ago Th Th Thats All Folks

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CQD or whatec=ver. Need some help form someone out there. I got one of those 32 inch Normandie Models and want to upgrade it as much as possible. What I desperately need is a description and photo or plans of the fore deck and how the Turtle Back was constructed. I have many photos but none show an overhead view of thr foredeck that are any help. Would deeply appreciate any assistance. Thanks Jon
Wonderful photos, Jon! Thanks so much for posting them, it's a real treat to see all the detail.

As for your model question, I'll leave that to someone with actual competence to answer.
> [HiJack, Glad you liked them hope others do as well. You have to go see it > in person plus in addition to all the models your only steps away from one > of the Engine Rooms to explore as you wih Cheers Jon]