North Atlantic - Titanic related exhibition by Simon Millet, 13-25 February 2018, Melbourne

Jun 4, 2000
For anyone interested, Simon Millett's second exhibition North Atlantic, is at No Vacancy Gallery, QV, Melbourne, from 15-23 February. Simon's a new artist. His first solo exhibition Digital Fingers, was also at No Vacancy in February 2017.

"OPENING NIGHT / 17 February 2018 - White Night Melbourne
LOCATION / No Vacancy Gallery QV

North Atlantic is the second exhibition of digital artist, Simon Millett. This new body of work reflects Simon’s fascination with the historical ship the RMS Titanic.

Simon’s passionate connection with the Titanic, a British passenger ship that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning hours of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its voyage travelling on route from Southampton to New York City, has spanned his entire life. James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster, an epic romance-tragedy film, has filled many evenings with a number of the emotions being conveyed, and sits close to Simon’s heart.

In North Atlantic, Simon’s work delivers the raw emotion created by the turbulence, the fear and the danger that the Titanic’s passengers would have endured, before their bitter end. His work captures ferocious waves, the ominous presence of the icebergs and the strange sea life that would have greeted the lifeless bodies that found their end upon the ocean’s floor.

Simon was born with Down Syndrome and with the love and support that he has had for his entire life, he feels that this is no barrier and that he is no different to the next person. To quote Simon, it’s “just an extra chromosome.” This sums up his outlook on life which has undoubtedly helped him to create such a dynamic and inspiring body of work.

Closing celebration: Sunday 25 Feb, 2–4PM"​


I was there on opening night but somewhat distracted by everyhing else going on with White Night. I'll be going back for a second look, and if it's possible I'll take photos to share. (Was also going to post the info on Facebook, including the Facebook link but I can't, so I didn't. Maybe later.)