NOT SURE where to ask AM I doing something wrong

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John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
Al, you can use the "Search" Link, at the bottom of the page. From there you type in your name, by "Search For", then go to "Look In", and on the drop-down menu, choose "Names of Authors".

Further down, on the "Search By Date", you can choose how many days, hours, or minutes, you wish to have the search include.

Then, I always make sure to sign in with my user name and password.

Hope this helps.
Jun 11, 2000
Well, Al, I'm not smarter than you, so don't expect any growth from me! And I haven't a clue why you get the error message you do.

However, what you want is to get email notifications of replies to your posts, I think. The best thing is to stay permanently logged onto the site, so you don't have to type in ID and password. Then go to your account and check the boxes for the topics you are interested in. The site should automatically generate email notifications for any thread you've posted to anyway, but checking those boxes will add your particular interests. You can search, as John says, but when you go to the Message Board from the Home Page it should flag all new posts for you to consider. It sounds to me as if you've got into a loop which the computer cannot resolve.

Try this, and let me know if it still doesn't work.

Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
There is something a bit screwy with the main site search engine (not the message board one). I am working on it and it should be fixed soon. However it does work, it just spits out an odd error message each time.
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