Number cabin of Kink family HELP


Mauro Zungri

Kink Cabin?
Somebody can help me to econtrar the ní¹mber of the cabins of the Kink family.
If Rum Kroepfl this reading this him envio a warm greeting and him story that ami also is very dificil to find things me of my tio tatara grandfathers James Vivin Drfew passager 2 Class.
Sorry by my inglish.

Bob Godfrey

Mrs Kink, her daughter and her sister-in-law were in a 6-berth cabin at the stern, sharing with three other women. That cabin could have been on any deck from D to G. Mr Kink, his brother and his friend Albert Wirz were in another 6-berth cabin, low down on G deck near the bow, sharing with three other men. The cabin numbers are not known.