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Mar 25, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
I have a few quick questions regarding the Britannic.
  • i) Has anyone ever had a go at calculating just how many wounded and sick men HMHS Britannic must have transported in her life as a hospital ship ?
  • ii) Do we know how many men sadly died of their wounds or illness whilst aboard her and were buried at sea? (fatal shipboard accidents can count also)
  • iii) Did Britannic ever carry any wounded or sick allied French, Italian or Serbian military personal ?
  • iv) Were any wounded or sick Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian, German or Turkish prisoner's of war ever transported aboard her ?
Would any Britannic experts on ET be able to help me out ?

Thank You
Jan 14, 2001
Hi Seumas,

Here are some replies to your questions.

  1. There are no surviving lists but if we accept that she was operating at nearly full capacity, I would guess something between 15000-16000 patients.
  2. Yes, we do. Check this page Hospital Ship
  3. I am not aware of any and it's highly improbable.
  4. One Austrian prisoner, named Albert Messany. Later he claimed that Britannic had violated the rules stipulated by the Hague Convention by carrying armed troops and non-medical supplies. The British Admiralty dismissed all the accusations and there is no evidence to support the contrary. Britannic was employed in several occasions in order to transport medical personnel and medical supplies to various theatres of war (Malta, Egypt, Salonika, Mesopotamia).
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