Oceanic 3


Nathan Good

Hi there, does anyone know anything about the planned White Star ship that never was: the third Oceanic? Are there plans, dimensions or interior sketches of her anywhere? If so, where can they be found? I would be greatful for any information.


I would like to know too. Iam into planned ships that never made it past the starting stage
I've heard some things about it, but my understanding is that the whole plan was bolluxed up by the Depression. Supposedly, she would have been a 1000 footer. Beyond that, I don't have a clue.

Michael H. Standart
There's a wonderful book called Damned by Destiny, by Williams and de Kerbrech, about ships that never were. Included is a chapter about Oceanic III, including an artist's rendition which shows her as looking very much like a larger, three-stack version of Britannic III and Georgic II. A similar drawing appears in Anderson's White Star. Both books are out-of-print and can be difficult to find.