Oceanic and Baltic 1871

I'm in need of advice concerning anything you might know about the Oceanic and Baltic, sister ships that were built by H&W and launched by WSL in 1871. I wish to use one of these ships as a brief setting for my novel, and I want to know what my character will see and experiece aboard ship - in a general way - such as what rooms will be available to her, what could she expect at mealtime, what activities aboard ship, etc. How would her cabin look? (I expect she'll be bunking with other women who have accepted her same situation, so how many bunks would there be?) What will they look like? The drawings I have of the Baltic are the ones in the H&W book, page 82-85.

Drop a note here, or email me privately. Thanks for all your help, friends.


João Carlos Pereira Martins

Maybe somebody have already done this question but is there any photos of Oceanic's interiors? I've been developing an interest on Oceanic and the first White Star ships,and I would be grateful if somebody could send me or post here some photos of Oceanic (or indicate me a site or another thread please). Thank you for hearing me.

Regards, João