Oceanic House

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Diane Bragg

You can only imagine my excitment when I read that the Texas Embassy Restaurant in London was once the offices of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. DBA, White Star Line. I have been to that restaurant on several occasions and only now have a great appreciation for it and it's surroundings.

Pat Cook

Hi Diane,

I know what you mean. My wife and I took our first trip to London recently and was told by my sister to check out the "Texas Embassy". Of course, she was referring to another location on which the original T E was located and which, I'm told, supports a plaque. However, Rose Ann found out about the restaurant and mentioned to me that it was somehow associated with the Titanic. A quick search online and we found out all about it.

Next time you go, step back and take in the whole front facade - it still reads "Oceanic House". I remember getting a chill when I saw it for the first time.

Warmest regards, from one Texan to another,
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