Oceanic III Information


I'm visiting Belfast sometime in November and I noticed that information is scarce on the RMMV Oceanic (III). I decided to look further into this, and i'm now going to attempt to visit several archives to see if I can gather any more than the little information available online...

The PRONI (Public Records Of Northern Ireland) actually have some interesting looking documents on their eCatalogue. I've found several items that could have information on the ship that doesn't look like it's online, for example: I've found loan guarantees that on one document refer to the MV Britannic (II) and another ship referred to as "The Super Ship". There could also be some info in ship listings estimated to be from 1928-31. These documents can only be viewed at PRONI, so I'll visit and report back on what I find, as well as some possible image scans. There's also the main Harland & Wolff record store there, but that's closed to the public and only available on request, (which i'm not confident will be accepted with open arms). I'll try sending it anyway, so we'll see what happens there. (Yes, I am aware of the apparent document destruction in the late 30s and 70s, but there are clearly still references to it about, so imagine what could be found deep inside the archive...)

Another location is the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. I've seen a discussion about them not being the politest when requesting to see the ship plans, but if i'm correct the museum's library should contain the White Star ship plans too(?). If not, I'll probably have to put in a research request, even if i'm just trying to find and view documents. I've also heard mention of some files at the Linenhall Library...

There hasn't been a post in this section about the ship for about 5 years, so if there's any information that's been discovered since then It'd be good to know. Also if anyone has any recommendations on sending the requests/going to the archives, it'd be appreciated.

After my trip I do intend to write some sort of article putting everything found into one place, I think she's a really interesting ship and finding anything more about what it would've been would be great.