Oceanic III

The H&W builders model posted above is almost certainly Belgenland. Compare the aft superstructure and open and enclosed prom decks of the model to any photo of Belgenland on the net and you will see that they match perfectly.

That model is definitely NOT Oceanic.

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Hi everyone, here's a little treat for you, as I'm sure very few of you have seen this.

These are some photos of my scratch built 1/350 scale model of White Star's proposed Oceanic III of 1928.

I built her from the general arrangement plans and the rigging diagrams of Britannic III supplied by H&W. She was built from sheet styrene and the boats and masts were spares bought from Toyway.

Now here's the juicy stuff! From the G.A. I can reveal that Oceanic was 935 feet long, 100 feet wide and 105 feet high and probably weighed around 52,000 tons. That makes her the same size as her contemporaries Bremen and Europa.

To put it simply Oceanic was the enlarged and modernised fourth Olympic class liner with the upper deck houses and gym and swimming pool of Majestic.

She was NOT going to be the 1010 feet long 60,000 monster that we have always been led to believe, that drawing that we have seen time and time again, was - according to H&W - the initial design proposal White Star gave to Harlands, that is why the drawing looks so much like Majestic.

If you would like to know any more, let me know.

Love Rich x
Where's the proof of saying 935 feet long???
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Where's the proof of saying 935 feet long???
As Richard stated in his post, he obtained the information from the General Arrangement plans supplied by Harland & Wolff.
Hi, nice to meet u!! ^_^. So i heard that this ship could also be 1.050 feets long is that true??

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Como dijo Richard en su publicación, obtuvo la información de los planos de disposición general proporcionados por Harland & Wolffi,
So i heard that this ship could also be 1.050 feets long is that true??
Yes but that was only the estimated length, according to this website which appears to have plenty of good information:

Although there also appears to be a length of up to 1,080 feet mentioned, but yet again an estimated length:
Sí, pero esa fue solo la duración estimada, según este sitio web que parece tener mucha buena información:

Aunque también parece haber una longitud de hasta 1.080 pies mencionados, pero una vez más una longitud estimada:
Okay thnxs for the info!! ( ╹▽╹ )