Officer positions during Titanic sea trials

Oct 9, 2015
I was wondering if anyone knew the officers positions/responsibilities during Titanic's sea trials? I know that Lowe and some other junior officers checked the lifeboats before the trials began and I know that Murdoch and Moody dropped buoys when they tested Titanics stopping capabilities, but that's it. Any information/links to articles would be a big help. Thank you!

Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
NewtonMearns, Glasgow, Scotland.
Depends on the requirements of the day Penelope. However Titanic would have been on sea Watches and her junior officers would have duties relative to these. I don't know if she was fully crewed but there would have been a great deal to do regarding familiarisation , organisation and general tidying-up to do. The chart room would be prepared, charts laid out for the voyage to Southampton. Titanic was scheduled to put to sea after successful trials had been completed and the builder's men had been sent ashore at Belfast. Any equipment or gear not wanted on voyage would be securely stowed away. There would be a thousand and one little things to be seen to. Everyone running round like the proverbial azure-reared flies. A decided 'buzz'. A junior officer's nightmare until they dropped the pilot and things settled down to the normal sea-going routine.

Jim C.

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