Officers in Lifeboats

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Which officer was in Lifeboat 1 who told Molly Brown to "Sit down and shut that hole in your face!"?

Also, which officer was the one who went back with the lifeboat to check for survivors?

Sean C. Corenki

Susan...Quartermaster Robert Hitchens is credited as saying something along those lines to Mrs. Brown. He was not an officer of the ship. Fifth Officer Lowe returned to the scene to check for survivors. Regards, Sean
Hichens and Molly Brown were actually in lifeboat 6. In James Cameron's film script the "Shut that hole" line was given to Hichens, but it actually comes from the testimony of Mrs J Stuart White at the American Inquiry: Our head seaman would give an order and those men who knew nothing about the handling of a boat would say, "If you don't stop talking through that hole in your face there will be one less in the boat." We were in the hands of men of that kind. Mrs White was referring to boat 8, and the man at the receiving end of the now famous line was Seaman Jones.
Quartermaster Hitchens, in case you don't know, Susan, was actually steering the wheel when the Titanic struck the 'berg (or, as Richard Basehart said in Titanic (1953), when the 'berg hit the Titanic).

Officers in Lifeboats:

Collapsible B (later Lifeboat #12) - 2nd Officer Lightoller
Lifeboat #2 - 4th Officer Boxhall (who was the one who yelled, "Bloody pull faster, and pull!")

Lifeboat #5 - 3rd Officer Pitman
Lifeboat #14 - 5th Officer Lowe (as Bob said, he was the one who went back for survivors)

Lifeboat #16 - Master-at-Arms Joseph Bailey (he wasn't an officer, but, as one of the ship's two 'policemen,' he obviously had some authority)

Added Note: It was believed that, had he not died, 6th Officer Moody would have taken command of Collapsible A. It has been theorized by some here that he was supposed to have been dispatched with the ship's logs and important documents.

Anyway, I hope that helps.
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