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Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Hi Everyone,
I'm very sorry but I have yet another Fr. Browne photo!
Fr. Browne captured young Douglas Spedden playing with his spinning top with his father. Any ideas who the slightly hunch-backed old man with the cigar looking on is.
He also features in the film.


Rolf Vonk

Hi Ben,

In the movie he was represented as Mr Ryerson. I don't know a reliable source for that. Captain Crosby could it also be.

Greetings Rollie

Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Chris and Rollie,

Thanks for your help. Captain Crosby seems likely as his body description fits that of the picture (grey hair-no beard/moustache-overcoat etc).
That's handy for me as I have not yet seen a pic of Crosby.
Rollie: It's interesting about Arthur Ryerson. Do you think it was him because jack Dawson stole his overcoat about that time?
Also, the film seems to have given the old man a moustache!-which Ryerson had.

Thanks again

Chris Dohany

Dec 12, 1999
I don't think the Cameron film is much of a reference in this case (notice also that the man next to Spedden in the film is already wearing his overcoat). In the two photos I have seen of Cpt. Crosby, he does wear a mustache. It's tough to discern whether or not he has one in the Browne photo as he's looking slightly away from the camera. I also noticed that no mustache is noted in Crosby's body description, so perhaps he didn't wear one at this time.

Kate Bortner

May 17, 2001
Maybe this has been covered and I apologize for reserecting a 6 month old thread, but the main problem (for me) with that scene in the movie is that it takes place at the wrong time. The photo was taken by Father Browne before he disembarked, BEFORE the ship sailed across the Atlantic. The scene in the movie takes place on Sunday 4/14. Although it is a nice "bit" for those of us who are aware of the photograph and nice and appropriate scenery for the film, but if it was supposed to take place on THAT day, it would be conceiveable that Douglas Spedden was playing witht the top AGAIN and the on-lookers could/would be different.
Now I will step of my "film continuity" soap box. Thank you for listening.
-kate bortner

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