Old Southampton research

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Could anyone out there suggest a good book on old Southampton pubs with Titanic links and photographs?

Additionally, I am looking for a copy of a map of Southampton before the Second World War in order to get a better idea of street layouts.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Dear Tony -
Ref a book on Southamptons Pubs there is:
''Southampton's Inns and Taverns by Tony Gallaher - (Published in 1990) he covers every single Southampton pubs history in Southampton - not many mentions to the Titanic but some.
Map of old Southampton?
Try the Local History Dept in the Southampton Library Civic Centre Southampton - they have all the old Kellys Directory Maps - a wealth of information.
Best regards - Brian

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Hello Anthony,

Forgive me as I have just seen your message.

I can find no fault with Brian's suggestion above. On a personal note, I have a copy myself. Tony Gallaher produced a damn good book there!

However, I am due to call down at Southampton Archives this month, and if you wish me too, and depending on what area of the old Town you are searching for, I can (on your behalf) check the selection of old maps with that dept concern and report back?

I await for your reply.

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