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lisa mckay

On a recent trip to visit my relatives, who live in Southampton, England, I was told a story about a relative who survived the Titanic. They insist she was on board and that she was a survivor. I can't find a record of this woman anywhere. Could there be a reason for this other than the simple fact that she was not on board? Ány help would be of interest as I've become fascinated with the story and more imporatntly proving/finding out if it could be true.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Dec 12, 1999
Dear Lisa,

There was a young woman aboard the Titanic named Miss Maude Sincock from Cornwall. She traveled in second-class. After the sinking, she went on to live in Hancock, Michigan where she married Arling Roberts and died in 1984.

Could this possibly be your relative?

Mike Findlay

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