Olympic at night Photo ever seen one

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Just wondering if anyone new of any pictures of Olympic's at night ? Don't see why there should not be any - perhaps taken later in life ? I am yet to see one. I have seen one of the Aquitania taken in the 1930's, so why not Olympic :)
The only photo I've ever seen of any of those ships taken at night was a heavily retouched photo of the Titanic taken in Cherbourg. If there's a photo of the Olympic at night, I'd like to see it.

I think that's the sun, and considering that the camera is looking right at it, everything else developed dark. I could be mistaken, it might be the moon, but that's just what I've always thought with this photo.



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Yes I have seen the heavily retouched photo of the Titanic at night, looks like someone went over the photo with white tipix filling in all the windows/portholes!! Very 1912 and prob not even a real photo. Thanks for the other picture Parks
Not quite what I'm looking for though. I'm sure there must be a picture out there somewhere :)


You could be right...I'm just going by what the owner claims. You might want to contact Brian Hawley and ask him if he knows more about the photo than what we see.

The retouched photo above has been used in the past as a reference for masthead lights and it shouldn't.

Hi Chas, Hi All,

I have a pretty scarce postcard, in that I have never seen another, that shows the Mauretania backlit by full moonlight. It is a printed card with a 1922 (if memory serves and it usually does) message on the back mentioning that the image was taken from a painting on board which I have not seen. I posted the image somewhere in here.
And I have a real photocard of the Mauretania stopped off Scarborough at 10 PM, July 2nd, 1935 which, although altered in the development, was not retouched as the Cherbourg/Queenstown photo above.
I also once had a real photo that claimed to show her at night but was actually a heavily doctored photo, darkened during development and with added lights as in the photo I just referenced. But, it was in reality a photograph taken on September 17th, 1907 with an added "crescent" moon that was lit on the wrong side anyway. If there was any sort of eclipse on that day, please - don't tell me! ;)
I also have some taken at nightfall. I'll have to think if I have any more.
Perhaps not so odd, I have many more candids taken on board at night such as inside the Lounge or along a Promenade, but that is not quite the same.
My dream photo would be a photo of her docked at Pier no. 6 of the Cristobal Piers in Limon Bay, Colon in July of 1933. It would have likely been taken from Terminal Street. Queen Mary 2 visited this same pier over 70 years later in March 2004. It has not changed much at al. I have this 1933 image in daytime though - thanks go to the British Ambassador to Panama Jim Malcolm, for his photograph of the Queen Mary 2 at Pier 6 in Panama which confirmed my guess.
I also have some photographs of her departure that evening during sunset, which gives a nice feel - she is away from the pier led by tugs.
And then I have some images after nightfall of her leaving 108 in July 1935. That is about the extent of it - what I can remember anyway.
Oh yes, I also have color printed postcard of the Lusitania at night in New York. Is this card as sought after as some say?

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