Olympic Class Authentic Color Photographs


I am doing research on the Olympic class to gain some knowledge on the ships.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there were any photographs taken of the Titanic, Olympic, or Britannia that were in color? I have found several photographs which are photoshopped to show black and white images in color, but I want to know if there are any authentic colored photos of any of the three ships.

Also, a bonus question, were there any official photos of the Britannic and Olympic side by side?


Heya, sorry to disappoint but I don’t think any color photos exist, naturally. Color photography got a kick off in 1907 but was expensive and not popularly used yet for general use.
oh also, it might’ve been autocorrect but it’s the Britannic. All WSL ships end in a IC and all Cunards in IA.
Hope this is helpful!
There is at last one of Olympic, which is in the background and Mauretania in the floating dock ca. 1929.


(C) National Geographic Image Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library
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