Olympic Class Ships Michael Tennaro's Review

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Many thanks to Michael Tennaro for his interesting and informative review of Mark Chirnside’s new book. I look forward to reading Mark’s book very much. My congratulations to him on this achievement — he should be very proud. Mark’s one of the best and brightest young researchers this field has and we’re lucky to have him "aboard."
Hi Randy!

I'm sure Michael appreciates your kind comments, I've told him myself that I appreciated his review. In fact, it was a better review than I had hoped for.

I am indeed proud of The Olympic Class Ships -- Olympic, Titanic & Britannic, and RMS Olympic, Titanic's Sister. If truth be told, somehow the Olympic book is my favourite. Even so, I can never stop thinking of something that needs improving! Whether it has sunk in that this book on my shelf is one that I wrote is another matter!

Thanks for your kind words -- if you think I am 'bright' you should see me trying to say something coherent in the morning!

Best wishes,

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