Olympic crew from the 1920-30s


Guest (R17)

I know I have raised this topic before but does anyone have contact with people/crew from any of the great liners ? Namely Olympic, as she lasted until the 1930's. Is there anyone else whom is of historical importance that people know off ? I am sure they would not be like Titanic survivors and hounded by the press so to speak. I would be so interested in somone like this, and is it more than likely that there are crew members still alive from the 1930's. I wish they would contact various Titanic clubs, maybe they do not realise they are important,worthy and a good substitute for survivors. These people would have so many interesting stories to tell about the final years of the Olympic that we would not know about.
It would be lovely to find one - no ?
The 1930's is still close enough for these people to be alive and I very much belive they are out there.

Any ideas about how to go about finding one ?

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