Olympic interior refits



I know about what was changed and added to the ship but I just want to know something. I’m looking forward for descriptions of the designs of each room (1st, 2nd, Tourist-Third/Tourist & 3rd.) I'm also looking for some pictures of the new interiors. Specifically the interiors of the: 2nd Class Dining Saloon (1928/29), 2nd Class Smoke Room, 2nd Class Lounge/Library, the Tourist Lounge, Tourist Smoke Room, Tourist Dining Saloon, Tourist Entrance/Staircase, new 3rd Class Smoke Room, new 3rd Class Lounge, modified 3rd Class Dining Saloon & 3rd Class forward entrance/staircase.
(saw a picture of the Tourist Dining Saloon on the Tourist class brochure for Olympic. Hoping someone has a larger image of it)
i will grateful if somebody can show me some pictures