Olympic & Kronprinzessin Cecilie were they ever togther

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Hello All:

Attached is a very rare postcard image of the Olympic and Kronprinzessin Cecilie in Cherbourg Harbor. This is one version of three that I have seen of these two ships together in Cherbourg prior to the Titanic disaster.

Olympic and Kronprizessin Cecilie

On closer review of this image: It is my opinion that this is a manufactured photograph.

The Olympic is pre-disaster with the sixteen lifeboats but if you look at the image enlarged she has paint damage along the water-line so I would date the image as a maiden voyage shot. I have seen a maiden voyage image that looks like this. Also Olympic is not at anchor and there are large numbers of passengers on her foredeck, and sailboats close by.

A larger image of the Olympic's bow

As for the Kronprinzessin Cecilie she has steam coming from all four funnels and is clearly underway as there is a wake at her bow, she also has a large number of passengers on her foredecks.

A question I have is with all the smoke and no tugs would these two ships have ever passed this close?

Also if you look at the reflection in the water it seems to be to big as compared to the scale of the liners.

A close up of the bow of the Kronprinzessin Cecilie.

Now I am open for discussion:

Is this a manufactured image of the two liners together or were they ever in the port of Cherbourg together at the same time prior to the "Titanic" Disaster?

Nathan Good

Hi there,

You point out some interesting things in the postcard. Enough in fact to convince me that you are correct. I had seen this before, I believe in 'The Only Way to Cross' and never given it a second thought. From what you point out and looking at it more closely, I completely agree that this a doctored image. It certainly does look phoney. Great observation.

All the best,

Nathan Good

Brian Hawley

Steve, I know you know of this event and have cards depicting it. When war broke out Kronprinzessin Cecilie fled to Bar Harbor with her funnels painted in an effort to look like Olympic.


Alex McLean

Where and when was that picture taken?

A wonderful observation!

The image you refer to in "The Only Way to Cross" can be found on page 122. And is a little different as on the original card the stern of the Olympic has been cropped off. Also there is a third image with a more broadside view of the Olympic, which I have seen in the Joseph A. Carvalho Collection, as I have a photocopy of this postcard.


You will find my comments and an additional image of the Kronprinzessin Cecilie painted as the "Olympic" in the attached thread.

This photograph was taken in Bar Harbor, ME in August, 1914. However, it is labeled with her US Troopship name USS Mount Vernon.

I am going to assume your photograph was taken in August or September, 1914 in Bar Harbor, ME.

Do you want to do the Olympic Paint write up or should I?
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