Olympic Passenger Carryings Comparison


Brent Holt

Here is some info I have gathered recently. I thought I'd share it in case some find it of interest.

Average number of passengers per crossing in ()

1.Imperator (2552)
2.Mauretania (1462)
3.Lusitania (1291)
4.Olympic (1216)

1.Imperator (3009)
2.Vaterland (2407)
3.Aquitania (1863)
4.Mauretania (1540)
5.Olympic (1255)
6.Lusitania (1142)

1.Majestic/Bismarck (1193)
2.Berengaria/Imperator (1136)
3.Leviathan/Vaterland (1041)
4.Aquitania (972)
5.Olympic (870)
6.Mauretania (812)

Jan 5, 2001
Hi Brent!

Thanks for those figures, they are interesting. Imperator’s seem so high. Aquitania only made three round voyages in 1914, and I think if we compared them with Olympic’s first three round voyages they would be about the same.

Mauretania’s are higher than I expected and at the same time Olympic’s figures for 1925 are lower than I imagined; that said, I think Olympic really reached her zenith in 1928 and 1929. From memory, 1921 was extremely good, but I have no strict figures.

I have some figures which may be of interest to you if you do not already have them:
  • Mauretania’s carryings went from 18,000 in 1929 to only 12,000 in 1931.
  • Berengaria’s catastrophically went from 36,000 in 1929 to 13,000 in 1931.
  • Aquitania did okay in 1929 with 28,000 but she later held up well, with 21,000 in 1931

I wonder why Berengaria’s crashed so badly.

I was going to do fifty posts after seeing all these new threads, but I fell so tired and nodded off.

(If Daniel K. is listening, thanks *very* much for your e-mail, it's cleared-up a lot. I should have some more stuff from Liverpool next month.)

Best regards,


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