Olympic Passengersb Reactions

Cody Gentry

Feb 6, 2008
I believe the Olympic was Eastbound when the Titanic foundered and I know for a fact that the Olympic received some of Titanic's distress signals whist she was going down. So, with that in mind, many would already know about the sinking by morning because - I believe - word about the sinking made it around faster to the ships already at sea than many land bases. My question is whether or not there are any accounts of the Olympic's passengers' reactions when they heard of the Titanic's foundering. Would that not just absolutely spook everybody aboard?

Sam Brannigan

Feb 24, 2007
I've seen horrendous images of planes crashing, then got on to similar planes without a second thought (Kegworth in 1989 springs to mind - I got on exactly the same type of plane soon afterwards).

I suppose it's only human to think that lightning won't strike twice.

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
The New York Times, 17 April 1912

Olympic, Too Late to Help, Went On
ON BOARD THE STEAMSHIP OLYMPIC, AT SEA, April 16---The Olympic received news at midnight Sunday that the Titanic had struck ice. She started immediately for the scene, but resumed her course eastward at 5 o’clock in the morning upon hearing that Titanic had sunk at 2 A. M.

The only details known are that 670 persons were saved, mostly women and children.

All the crew, except those manning the boats, are believed to have been lost.
This dispatch was sent to the Associated Press by Loudon G. Charlton of New York, a passenger on the Olympic, and is the first word received concerning the disaster from any one outside of official sources. It will be noted that the number of survivors is practically identical with the original dispatches. Later dispatches, however, indicated that 868 persons were saved.

Oct 17, 2006
I remember reading years ago in some book someplace that for a time after the Titanic sank, that some boarded the Olympic and played out some of the famous events from the night of April 14/15, 1912 seeing that the two ships were practically identical save for a few aspects.

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