OLYMPIC & TITANIC The Truth Behind The Conspiracy

>>The most common flaw whether the area be history, science or current politics is the “begging the conclusion” fallacy. IE: “I’ve haven’t provided any logical evidence for my position but unless you provide evidence against it then my position must be the true one”. <<

I think if you check, you'll find that the operative fallacy is The Arguement From Ignorance. Rather different from Begging The Question.

Still, it's important to note that paranoid conspiracy theorists typically use both to very good effect.

Steven Hall

This book will not be available 'new' after December 2011. The book is no longer being printed and what stock is left will likely be gone by the close of the year.
The book will be replaced with 'TITANIC Or OLYMPIC: Which Ship Sank ?


Steven Hall

Hi Anneliese
It will be basically an updated version of the first book. Of course it will be printed on better paper then the old one and we'll have an eight page colour section with Olympic artifacts showing the build number 400 on the items. It is being edited by Art, so all the little errors will be corrected. We have some new images for the book and quite a bit of the text will be revamped.
What has happened, Bruce and I have had so much other work leading up to April 2012 that time has been very restricted on how much time we could put into the book.
To be honest, I see several plus's over the old book. The revamped text, professionally edited, the quality of the paper used and the images will be far sharper and the colour section will have some wonderful photographs of Olympic artifacts from John White’s wonderful collection in it.
Mark Chirnside is doing the foreword and Cyril Codus’s wonderful drawing of Olympic and Titanic will spread across two pages. I think it will be 230 pages.
I think it would be a nice book to add to your Titanic collection. I think it will sell for £15.
The book to get before this one would be Titanic In Photographs.

Thankyou Steve,

I am sure I will be adding both to my collection. The pictures alone are worth it, destroying the switch theory is just a bonus. My old copy will be passed on to someone I know who actually believes in the hogwash theory.

>>The book to get before this one would be Titanic In Photographs. <<

I've made a point of ordering both. When the first will get here is beyond me. The Amazon.uk page I ordered from indicated some were in stock, but I haven't heard anything from them since placing the order.

Steven Hall

Hi Mike,
we've finished on this latest book.
A lot of work has gone into it. We've added a colour section as well. I should have some more news on the publish date in 2 weeks.
The last 12 months has been full on with Titanic projects. It is only now I really have time to put my feet up and get back to watching some YouTube treats.
Bruce and I have a Titanic App. which we're working on and that should be available early next year.