Olympic Wood Panels aboard the MilleniumExclusive photos

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Nicolas Roughol

Hello everyone,

I just registered here a few days ago, I already introduced myself in the "Nomadic in Danger" thread, please report to it if you wanna know more about me. I'll just say I'm 25 and I live in France ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures that I thought I could share with you, since I guess none of you has seen them. It shows wood panels from the A la Carte restaurant aboard the RMS Olympic being restored before being placed aboard the almost completed Millenium cruise ship back in the year 2000.

These pics were sent to me by someone who had seen my web site (dedicated to Olympic, Titanic, Britannic, and Nomadic) and who was working to restore those panels. Together with the pics was a small text describing the technique used to restore them.

So here are the pics, that sometimes show the same part before and after complete restoration, as well as a rough translation from French to English of the text.
Although I was (and still am, in some way) quite proud of the Web site I had put out, please don't ask me for the URL. It is only in French so far, and although it does feature some interesting, and in my opinion exclusive, images and artwork, it also features some artwork for which I couldn't get permission from its author, mainly being Ken Marshall. Now at the time I didn't feel as compelled to copyright respect as I am now, I know also how most of you feel about copyrights infringements, and I kinda feel the same way, so until I can find some time to redo my site and remove the suspicious artwork, I will not advertise for it.

Anyway, here are the pics. I'd be happy to know if some of you have seen those pics before or if I can consider them to be really exclusive...










Some of the following information hasn't been verified by myself, it's pretty much what the author of the email told me.
The Millenium cruise ship was built at St Nazaire in the famous "Chantiers de l'Atlantique" shipyards. She made her first sea trials in early 2000. These wood panels were found in a French castle (I didn't get any precise name or location) and were restored by two French companies to be put on the Millenium ship in an area now known as the RMS Olympic Restaurant.
A company called SMATE, located in Six Fours (near Toulon) was in charge of polishing and varnishing the panels, while another company, called "Atelier Boeuf" (check out the website at http://www.atelier-boeuf.fr/) was in charge of the gilding work. Check out that web site by the way, it's available in English and gives some details about their techniques. The one they used for the Olympic panels was "oil gilding", using 23 carat gold sheets.
That email also stated that some of the original woodwork was lost and had to be recreated using photographs taken aboard the Olympic.

Hope these pictures are of some interest to some of you. It is old news now since these are now more than three years old, however at the time I didn't know about ET...


Brian Hawley

Nicolas welcome to ET! This woodwork came from a private home in the UK. I believe the owners of this paneling were an elderly couple in Southport, which is just outside Liverpool. Great pictures by the way.

Mar 20, 2000

Thanks for sharing the great images! It's good to see they are still cared for.

The restaurant interior woodwork and fixtures were photographed and published in the Winter 1990 issue of the Titanic Historical Society's membership journal. A picture of one of the panels with the distinctive oval inset formed the cover art. This edition has been much discussed here on ET for the article that accompanied the photos (as well as one on survivor Ruth Blanchard) and I hear that it's one of THS' best-selling back issues. See this link to purchase a copy: http://secured.titanichistoricalsociety.org/shop/tek9.asp?pg=products&specific=jpeqprc0

Thanks again.

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