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Paul Clarke

Hi everyone.

I'm a researcher working on a major new TV documentary examining how Titanic was built and by whom.

I'm very interested in finding out if anyone on this excellent site has complete passenger list for the maiden voyages of Olympic and Britannic.

I'm really interested in finding out who the guarantee groups were for those maiden voyages.

I'd be very grateful indeed for nay help/pointers.
Feb 13, 2004
I'm not sure about a passenger list. However, I do know that Britannic never sailed commercially for the White Star Line. Just after being built, Britannic was commissioned as a hospital ship and sailed throughout the war--up until she sank in the Aegean sea off Greece. At the time she was designated as HMHS Britannic (his majesty's hospital ship)

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
Some of these men turn up in the Ellis Island records. Andrews and two others from Belfast are listed on Olympic's maiden voyage as living on board before returning home. With more patience than I have, you might find more. Broadband would help!

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