Olympic’s 2nd & 3rd class deck plans?


Jun 9, 2018
Wilmington, DE; USA
I’m trying to build RMS Olympic in a game and I’m following by her late 20s to early 30s build. I have a deck plan reproduction of the first class accommodation but the second and third class aren’t even included. And I haven’t found any deck plans of the third-class accommodation, and I’ve found only one deck plan on Google for second class but it’s dated 1911 so I’d be better off using Titanic’s deck plan for 2nd class for that, but Titanic’s deck plans won’t match the changes and refits Olympic has in the 20s and 30s. As far as her 20s and 30s deck plans go that I can find they’re all ONLY first-class. I’ve seen some threads on this site share images of a portion of her 2nd class deck plan from 1914, but is a very small and very blurry image, so it’s not useful.
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