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Paul Lee

Is there a list of the places where Olympics interior fittings wound up? We all know about the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, and that the Soton Maritime Museum has the original "Honour and Glory Crowning Time"...but where did the rest go?
And more importantly, can we visit them

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I attended the sotheby's auction in billingshurst where the A la carte Restaurant panelling was offered for sale ( reserved at around £70,000 and didnt sell) along with some other Olympic items. there were a couple of items of furniture which i seem to remember as a wardrobe and dressing table in mahogany estimated in the mid hundreds.There was also the inlaid satinwood suite panelling shown on page 174 of the above mentioned book - quite magnificent and fetched around £13,000 along with the Empire style panelling shown on page 180 - failed to sell at around £5,000. we all know where the Restaurant panelling end up but does anyone know where the other pieces went?

That paint factory never actually had the gymnasium paneling. I don't know who, but someone identified it incorrectly and it was called the gymnasium paneling ever since. That paneling is actually from the two main A deck corridors going fore and aft out of the 1st class Lounge.


Thanks Daniel for clearing up something that has been bugging me for awhile.The panelling identified as having come from the gym never looked right to me. It looks too short in height when compared to pictures of the panelling installed onboard the ship. I thought it might have been corridor panelling as well.

A deck was just as tall as the Gymnasium on the Boat deck. 9ft 6in. But you're right, the paneling never looked quite right when compared to the gym.

Hi Daniel,

The Titanic commutator identified the panelling in the small office at the top of the factory stairs as being from the gym in one of its editions in 1981 or 89, I can't remember which. I think they were identified as as being a hybrid from the gym and from the corridors. I presume they thought this as they were painted white and had the georgian arched windows in the room too. The gymnasium panelling (lot no. 7 I think) is however marked in the auction catalogue as if it were bought by the factory. It consisted of the panelling, three corinthian pillars and a wooden fuse box.

I know from my last visit there in September for the auction that one of the panels in the office was actually a window from the second class purser's office and had been adapted into a shelf. It markings to that effect written on the back of it.

Nigel, the dressing table and wardrobe from the Italian Rennaisance cabin were bought by a couple from the South East of England who have regularly displayed them at past BTS conventions and exhibitions. I spoke to the owner of the hotel back these items in the auction came from back in 2001 who said she gave the Empire Room panelling to a dealer after it failed to sell though she said she got the impression he wanted to keep the deal a secret and so she wouldn't tell me his name.

Hi Stuart.

I tried to buy the Empire Room panelling after the sale. I was put in touch with the "owner" by sotheby's and we agreed a price around the reserve. The following day he called back wanting to increase the price by £1,000 or he would have to keep it - which is exactly what I told him he could do!!!. Having read your post I assume he must have been the dealer as the Hotel owner was Female or she had a very deep voice. Do you know who purchased the stunning Satinwood room and what Hotel did they come from?


It's interesting to know that the Gymnasium paneling and the 3 Corinthian columns were bought by the paint factory.

For those who have the auction catalogue from last year's September auction, please open to the middle of the catalogue and look at the photo of lots 239 - 242. Originally I saw this on the web site as being identified as the 2nd class Smoke Room capital. I decided to have a thorough look and compare of that capital and it actually comes from the 2nd class staircase. I let them know about that.

The Gymnasium one was similar but not quite the same. However in the lot description, they still couldn't let go of the gymnasium connection so its listed as gymnasium/2nd class staircase.


Hi Adam,

The Satinwood panelling was also from the Italian Rennaisance Cabin (C-76, later C-82 and can be seen in Figure 101 of the 1911 souvenir edition of the Shipbuilder: the illustration shows the dressing table which was sold in the Sotheby's Auction) and was fitted in the Marquis of Granby hotel in the same room along with the dressing table and the wardrobe. To my knowledge, this is the only room I know of after the Olympic's scrapping to have contained both the panelling and the furniture from the same room on the Olympic and so was the closest you could get to experiencing what it would have been like being on a cabin on the Olympic. Shame it was sold in the wake of the Cameron movie hype. I don't know who bought the panelling but Peter, who bought the furniture, later said to me he'd wished he'd got out a loan to buy the panelling too which I think went for £18,000. What would you have done with the Empire Room if you had got it? I hear it wasn't in very good condition. Does anyone have any photos of it in our outside of the Hotel? Sotheby's sent me photos of the things that sold in the auction again in 2001 (I was heavily involved in this subject at the time!) but said they couldn't include the Empire Room as it hadn't sold.

I stayed in the hotel in March 2000 just prior to the sale of the Louis XIV and Georgian cabin panellings which were installed in the hotel dining room. The hotel owner was very nice though I can't remember her name. During our phone chat the following year she said she didn't want it publicised anymore that her hotel once had things from the Olympic in it as since my stay a strange man had showed up who had become very angry when he found out all the Olympic fittings were gone after he'd a made a special journey to come and see them. He was very eccentric.


Hi Stuart.

Your quite right about the price realized - I think the figure I remembered was where I thought it would stop. I have managed to lose the catalogue for the sale but I don't think the empire room was photographed . My intention was to restore it and install it at home - I have some panelling from the reception area of the Mauretania along with the ceiling which is in the process of being brought back to life and will shortly be fitted. The condition wasn't to bad but it had been painted all over and all the gilt highlights were lost. The catalogue description was very poor as it didn't identify which rooms the were. When were the other fittings from the Marquis of Granby hotel sold and what were they?
The other fittings were panels and bell presses from the two cabins that had been installed in the dining room. There were sold panel by panel by Henry Aldridge & Son at BTS's 2000 convention. Also sold was a newell post supposedly from second class and a pair of swing doors with oval glass windows.
A quick question: has anyone heard anything, further, about the Olympic paneling that was offered on eBay, last year? The paneling was in a private home, but the sale ended early, after no bids were made.

I wonder if anyone was able to find out if the owners of that home made any further overtures to sell off that paneling.
Jeremy, that was the room I was referring to; the one listed at $350,000, on eBay.
Between us, I was surprised the listing agent assumed anyone would be able to forward that amount, without anyone having an opportunity to look at that room.

trevor ward powell

Hi, The "Olympic room" panelling was in fact up for auction last month-- and would you believe someone bought it for that price!?

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