Olympic's wartime interior

Apr 11, 2019
france, alsace
Hello I got to wonder how much was the interior of the HMT olympic different from the HMS olympic ? did he kept is luxury in it or not?

Thanks for your answer!
PS: english isn't my first langage

Fernando MG

Aug 8, 2018
At her early stages of service as troopship, Olympic maintained many of her pre-war interiors: the first class cabins on B and C decks were allocated to officers, and they had all their luxury decorations intact.
In 1916 or 1917 (I can´t remember the exact year), Olympic was refitted, and her trooping capacity increased, so I believe they got rid of all that wasn´t necessary.
As far as I know, the only luxury items that were kept in its place were the ones that couldn ´t be removed easily: I´m thinking of the staircases, elevators, light fixtures (such as the lounge large electrolier), fireplaces (Parlour Suites, Reading Room, Lounge and Smoking Room), possibly the grilled doors in the First Class Reception Room and Dining Saloon...
Maybe some of the furniture was reused onboard (for the dormitories, ward rooms...)