Olympics's officers

David Colton

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Hi all,
Could anyone give me a list of all of Olympic's officers on her maiden voyage.
I have a picture of her officers in one of my books. I recognise Captain Smith and William Murdoch.
But the others are a mystery to me. And I think the photo was taken after her maiden voyage.


Inger Sheil

Hallo David -

Deck officers for the Olympic's Maiden Voyage were as follows:

E J Smith (Master)
Joseph Evans (Chief Officer)
William Murdoch (First Officer)
Robert Hume (Second Officer)
Henry Osbourne Cater (Third Officer)
David William Alexander (Fourth Officer)
Alphonse Martin Tulloch (Fifth Officer)
Harold Holehouse (Sixth Officer)

As a rough guide to whether it was the Maiden Voyage, if the Chief Officer is a moustached, older chap it's probably Evans who only did one voyage before he was transferred to the Oceanic as Chief. His replacement on the Olympic was Henry Wilde.



David Colton

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Hi Inger,
Thanks for the info. There is a moustached, older looking chap. Looking at the arm on his coat, he is Chief so he must be Evans.
So the photo must be on the maiden voyage.
Again, thanks.