Omar A Novel

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Jan 22, 2001
This book is listed on the website.
The author is Craig O. Thompson and it was published on August 1, 200l.
The reviews say that it's about the Rubiyat, terrorism under the Atlantic and a very famous sunken ship. Definitely sounds interesting!

Has anyone read this yet?


Biljana Jerec

Hello Fiona,

Good to see you up and about again. I trust this will be a permanent rather than temporary state of affiars.

The pdf you refer to kept crashing my system before completing its download. Very annoying. Have you had success?

That the book is self published and a lot of the reviews are by his mates does not bode well, to my mind. What thinketh ye?


Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Appropriate that one of the foremost bibliophiles amongst us should provide the link on a book which apparently has as its primary plot device none other than the famous jewelled Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam! Had a quick stickybeak at the opening chapters - eyes widened at the author being bold enough to give the same surname to a fictional Ulster Loyalist terrorist as a leading genuine Ulster Loyalist politician. I must admit I'm not much for the thriller genre (Clancy and co. leave me fairly cold), but it looks like it might have appeal in that direction.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I downloaded and read the pdf with no problems. The story starts with a badly written passage about the origin of the famous iceberg. It improves as it gets into the story, apart from the odd infelicitous phrase and the clumsy hyphenated adjectives. As to the story's basic idea, if I were a terrorist in need of some cash, I'd simply flog a bit more heroin as usual. I don't think the famous thriller writers will be worried about the competition.
Jun 4, 2000
Hello there Beej, temporary I suspect, but thanks, that's very sweet of you. The problems you've experienced must be at your end as like Dave G I've had no trouble at all with the pdf.

I'll also agree with Dave's comments. Not that this will stop me reading the entire book in due course. :) In the meantime, am very interested in seeing opinions from those who have read it all.

Ing - if you want another book with Omar Khayyam, his Rubaiyaat and a Titanic connection, there's Amin Maalouf's Samarkand. The first half, a re-creation of Khayyam's life and the writing of the Rubaiyaat, is an engaging journey through mediaeval Persia. Readily available in paperback, too.
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