On the Topic of Field Ice...

Jessie M.

Jan 13, 2019
While not necessarily as interesting as the other threads around here, a little something caught my attention. I forgot who it was that gave this testimony; but at some point (either before or during the rescue by Carpathia) someone said that once the sun was up they realized that they were surrounded by field ice. Now, I'm a noob when it comes to terms like this, but I'm pretty sure that either means loads and loads of icebergs for miles... or maybe a long and thick sheet of ice. Again, absolute noob with this stuff.

So I was wondering... Unless the lifeboats drifted a good distance from where Titanic had once been, would the situation with the ice have been more like this?

(Sorry for the God awful doodle, folks! Also, yeah I know the ship chugged on for a tiny bit longer after the iceberg the pic is just a summery :p)