Only for the very Rich and Titanic obsessed


Hilda Jaschke

I honestly did not know there was another Titanic Ship in the works,Which IMO,is pretty morbid.But I read an article that said that the tickets for the 1st voyage would cost anywhere between $10,000-100,000 and it went on to say it would be "only for the VERY Rich and Titanic Obsessed!"
WOW....almost a 100yrs later and we are still Class dominated! Love it!
Only there will be no 3rd class!

Those people are pure buckets of Crazy!
>>I honestly did not know there was another Titanic Ship in the works...<<

There isn't.

Unless of course the backers of such a plan have absolutely no grasp on reality or plan to build a ship that has no signifigent resemblance to the original beyond using the name. There are numerous threads in this folder which deal with the schemes that have come and gone. Read them when you have a chance. I think you'll be amused!
Mike you are correct in saying there have been many rumors about a new Titanic. I have heard these constantly for the last few years and I think Popular Mechanics actually had a story on one a few years ago. I will try to find the issue as I am sure it is somewhere in my collection. Tom
>>I think Popular Mechanics actually had a story on one a few years ago.<<

They did. I'm familier with it. It was one of those schemes that came out in the wake of the Cameron film in 1997. Ten years later and so far, nothing has happened. I have no reason to think it ever will. If the market economics favoured it and SOLAS allowed it, it would have happened by now.
>>Popular Mechanics gave the supposed replica front page treatment.<<

It was right on the cover! Not the first time they said something was going to happen as a sure thing which turned out to be pure fantasy. If Popular Mechanics predicts it, I take it as a given that it ain't gonna happen.
>>Popular Mechanics<<
I found it guys and your right Mike it was a cover issue, I forgot to mention that when I wrote the last post. The issue date was September 1998, titled Titanic Reborn
>>The issue date was September 1998, titled Titanic Reborn<<

Yep, that's the one. You might want to check out the link Dave offered up. I think you'll find it entertaining.
Ironically, I was very late seeing the movie, I saw it at one of those "going out of town, catch it cheap" theaters - and I remember looking at the magazine article in question.

There is a catch 22 that one gets into with the whole thing

(1) To make the ship work as a modern ship, it can't look much like the original

(2) If it doesn't look much like the original, its just another ship.

I just caught this piece on Shipping Times:

Mystery buyer wants fleet of replica steam liners

Industry insiders are reporting that a mystery buyer has approached a number of shipyards seeking to build a fleet of steamships to satisfy a childhood ambition.

A shipyard source, speaking anonymously to Shipping Times said that their shipyard had been contacted by an eccentric retired businessman who wanted to know if it was possible to build replicas of famous 1920's liners such as AQUITANIA. "It would appear," said our source, "that we are not the only ones to have been approached. Other yards across the world have been contacted by him. He means business."
More at

Comment: I think the word "Eccentric" says it all. You're results may vary.​
Modern cruise ships have the grace of a wedding cake left too long on the banquet table. Even the cruise industry press has remarked about the boxy, building-like appearance of the current generation. I would guess the person of means in the articles is thinking to capitalize on nostalgia for ships looked like ships. Think of a sea-going project much akin to "Main Street" at Disney World. It's not a re-creation of any real main street, but of a mythical time and place we wish had existed. So with the "old" look steamers. Not a replications, just ships with reminiscent silhouettes.

Then again....maybe we should look at the calendar.

-- David G. Brown
>>Are we sure that article isn't a bad April Fool's joke?<<

Could be. Even if the idea of replica steam ships is serious, I think of it as a joke. If somebody wants a quiet cruise free of the glitz, glitter, chintz, cheese, hustle and bustle of a modern cruise ship, there are much better ways of doing it. See,0,7934609.story?coll=ny-region-apconnecticut for what a cargo ship has to offer. (And this is not a joke either!)
>>...nostalgia for ships looked like ships<<

Just how much "nostalgia" is there for traditional-looking cruise ships? I have never been on a cruise myself, but from speaking to friends and colleagues who have taken cruises, I'd say that the average person who books a cruise is more bothered about getting a decent cabin, lots of good food, and sufficient entertainment to prevent them from getting bored, than what the ship actually looks like from the outside!

And yes, I'd be inclined to go along with the April Fool notion too!!

>>Just how much "nostalgia" is there for traditional-looking cruise ships? <<

Other then a few public spaces with period decore, I wouldn't bet there would be a lot of it out there. Were it otherwise, there would be a whole bunch of ships being built that way, and this isn't happening.

A taste of nostalgia may be nice, but I doubt anybody would care for the whole ball of wax. The sort of cabins acceptable in the "Old Days" not only wouldn't be for the most many instances, they wouldn't even be legal.