Only for the very Rich and Titanic obsessed

I agree, unfortunately the BOT frowns upon usage of any flammable materials, unfortunately lacquered wood and silk wallpaper are, so Mike has a point aside from a land based mock up, you won't see any "period" cabins on modern ships.

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If somebody wants to do period cabins, it might be entertaining to see if there are any takers for the small ones that had a bed but no bathroom. My bet is that the lines would be mighty short before long. It might be even more entertaining to see anybody willing to manually stoke coal fired boilers in spaces where temperatures consistantly reached up to between 130 to 150 degrees.

Anybody out there care to bet that the unions would be willing to accept minimum wage for that job? (I can use the beer money!)
>>(And this is not a joke either!)

I have wanted to do that for some time, but my wife and son would never go for it.

>>I have wanted to do that for some time, but my wife and son would never go for it.<<

More's the pity. Cargo vessels may not be that exciting...really, bring some good books...but if you want to avoid the push, shove, hustle, and bustle of a cruise ship, this is the way to go.
In the 1980s, my sister returned to the UK via a cargo ship, and had rather a good time. She is very keen for us to make a similar voyage now, although I do have some reservations, having listened to her enthusing about it. She has found a website offering such cruises, which visit ports around which modern pirates operate.
They arm all the crew, and the passengers are stowed below, and they go in at night!
I'm not entirely sure I want to experience this ... but what the hell? It'd probably be better than sitting at home.
Take a few tips from a seasoned traveller, Mon. First, before boarding, thoroughly inspect the vessel. Be sure to climb into the rigging and check the sails for moth damage. Engage a diver to examine the hull for signs of woodworm, dry rot or patching with MDF. And don't neglect the little details - eg check your mattress to be sure that it contains fresh straw. Expect to share your cabin, but specify that this must be with humans rather than livestock. Lastly (and most important) insist on a cabin above rather than below the cattle pens. With these simple precautions observed, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Don't have nightmares about pirates, but if you do have trouble sleeping onboard I've heard that crochet is a great way to pass the time. Useful too. On my last voyage we ran out of food while becalmed and were able to trade our anti-macassars and doilies for coconuts.
The secret of avoiding trouble is to blend in. So wear your action trousers, an eye patch and a parrot. As Billy Connolly used to say, the best way to avold being mugged is to look more like a mugger than a muggee.
There's no need to tell everyone what I was wearing the last time we met...
>>So wear your action trousers, an eye patch and a parrot. <<

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr Matey, I be the pirate in these waters! Best watch out lest I make ye walk the plank! Me fishies are getting hungry! Araaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good gracious, Michael, I thought you were in South Carolina. It only goes to show how one has to be really careful about modern communications.
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should just feed these land lubbers tryin' to build another Titanic to me pets, but I wouldn't want to give the poor sharkies indigestion! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaaaarrrgh! Just take care of the cats and kittens, Michael... and forget the Titanic 2 stuff, it's just &*$£"!