Opening of plaque to Wallace Hartley

Dec 5, 2013
I have successfully persuaded my local council to give me permission and funding for a blue plaque to Wallace Hartley due to the fact he was a residence in my home town of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, from 1902-1904. His fiancee was living here on the same road as the theatre where he played and his violin was discovered just a few years ago after being lost of a century. The plaque was designed by myself after consulting with Hartley experts but unfortunately I cannot get any of Hartley's relatives to do the unveiling nor can I trace the actor who played him in the Cameron film. With only a month to go I would appreciate any offers of help in this case!

The ceremony to unveil the plaque is taking place at Bridlington Spa Theatre on Marine Drive on Monday 14th April at 2pm and everybody is invited. This is one more little piece of Titanic history that will not be lost.

If anybody requires further information or can help track down somebody connected with the band please email me [email protected]
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