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Nigel Bryant

Jan 14, 2001
Wellington, New Zealand
Reading from the "Greatest Ship" thread I was interested to find about some of the different opinions from overall concerning Titanic interior spaces. What is your opinion about the luxury? How does she stand compared to other ships before and after her? What do you consider as luxury?

I believe that Titanic was a very grand ship her first-class interior spaces. She had a lot of additional features that made her unique, maybe because of Ismay’s notorious obsession of luxuries. I believe that Andrews shared the same view of perfection, and he claimed that Titanic was his best creation yet. Her interiors, maybe not as spectacular as the interiors of the Lusitania and Mauretania, but they certain were high quality to attract the rich.

I think I am right in saying this, is that her interiors were quite compact, most public rooms had single story ceilings, besides the exception of the two glass domes over the forward and aft main staircases. Though this did not allow large rays of light to shine in her rooms. Maybe because of the large promenade on the Olympic was designed to enable long rays of light to get captured in each room on A-Deck.

Titanic and Olympic had many additional features than Cunard’s elegant liners. This is just a guess, sorry if I am wrong but Lusitania and Mauretania tended to surpass Titanic and Olympic in there large public rooms. Lusitania’s lounge, smoking room, dining saloon and reading and writing room (?) all each had large domes either plaster or glass. Though with is unique design, it cluttered up the top decks compared to the Olympic-class vessels, which have very spacious decks because of this deleted interior design.

Titanic and Olympic I believed surpassed the Lusitania vessels with additional amenities, which Mark mentioned some above. Also Titanic featured, a maids and valet’s saloon, squash court, a restaurant, the Café Parisian and even provided the most costly suites with two private promenade decks, I think the first on any vessel. So I guess both ships varied in luxury in different and unique ways.


Dec 7, 2000
Hi Nigel,

With a topic like this, it was only a matter of time before I wrote my opinion here as well.

My reply on the other thread may have sounded like I had a negative view about Titanic's (and Olympic's) interiors. Which isn't quite so.

Titanic is my favourite ship, which is perhaps a bias opinion. One, for the reason that we're all "obsessed" over her and spend most our time researching her and two, although I know some ships and have seen other images, I don't know any other ship (other than Olympic) anywhere near as much as I know Titanic.

I think Titanic's interiors are very luxurious, but unfortunately they're not all that they're hyped up to be. It was long believed that Titanic had carpet in her dining room. This would have certainly added more elegance and luxury. However it was more likely that Titanic, just like Olympic had vinyl - probably more for practical reasons, as has been brought up before.

One passenger that I can think of, Frank Browne, said that Titanic was more grand that Olympic, and I can see where he would be coming from. As recent dives to Titanic show, that she was more different to Olympic than originally believed, and this is where the difference and additional luxury kicks in. Although Titanic's interior decorations were very, very similar to Olympic, they were more elaborated, and additions were made as lessons from Olympic - or new ideas, exclusive to Titanic (B deck suites, reception room etc).

Yes, Titanic and Olympic had some additions, that most other ships did not, such as the Turkish Baths and Swimming Pool.

However Titanic's interiors were not one of a kind. As I have said before, WSL used the various styles and panellings in many of her ships, certainly the furniture was no exception. Some of Titanic/Olympic's interiors would pale in comparison to other ships. Having seen some pictures of Lusitania and Mauretania cabins/suites, I'd say that Titanic/Olympic's were more superior, as for public rooms, it would have been the other way around.

One 'disappointing' aspect of Titanic and Olympic was the swimming pool. It was so plain and quite unattractive. Ships that came out after Titanic had far more superior swimming pool/s than did Titanic and Olympic.

However, going by what was said, I would probably want to avoid the very grand luxury of a public room on the Mauretania and avoid the great vibrations, and take the more comfortable cabin, very pleasant - and - luxurious public rooms with much less vibration of the Titanic.


PS. Please drop me a line, I would like to send you a picture.
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