Opposite side of the globe

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Damon Hill

Jun 13, 2004
This is an odd question, and if I had a globe of the world I could work it out for myself, but what is directly opposite the wreck of the Titanic on the other side of the globe? Is it a spot in the Southern ocean or something? Thanks!

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Damon, the correct answer is about 42°S, 130°E. I'm too lazy to work out the odd minutes.

That's well south of the Great Australian Bight. About the only interesting thing about it is that conditions there are not like the place where Titanic sank. Because the currents are totally different, there are no icebergs, though it's the same distance from the South Pole as the wreck is from the North. The winds are frequently heavy gales and storms out the of the westerly quadrant and the swell is long and huge. Unlike the North Atlantic, the area is not subject to the tail end of hurricanes, so peak winds are probably not as strong. Early Aussie settlers used the strong winds to get here, poor devils!
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