Order of lifeboat launching

Rob Lawes

Rob Lawes


Having spent the early years of my marriage afloat on the briney with the Grey Funnel line and having missed numerous anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas dinners, kids school plays and events, I fully understand the commitment it takes to hold fast together through life's choppy waters. Congratulations on 60 years.

Yours Aye.

Jim Currie

Jim Currie

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Thanks, Rob.

Out of that total, I spent 39 years actually on the briny.
It says it all that despite being separated for so long, my wife produced developed, trained and pushed-off into life, 2 very fine kids who have since blessed us with grand children and great grandchildren. As the old song laments: "Those days have gone now, And in the past, they will remain". I suspect Seamus knows the rest of that one/ ;)