Original and translated Titanic books in Hungarian

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Kalman Tanito

Jul 9, 2002
For you bibliophiles out there, please find a list of Titanic-related books published in Hungarian:

Adams, Simon: Titanic. 59 pp. Park, 2001.
Bainbridge, Beryl: Közelebb hozzád, Istenem. 317 pp. K.u.K.K., 1998.
Clarke, Arthur C.: A nagy zátonyok kí­sértete. 264 pp. Európa, 1995.
Cussler, Clive: Emeld ki a Titanicot! 431 pp. Lap-ics, 1997.
Dékány, András: S.O.S. Titanic! 196 pp. Móra, 1965 (3 later editions)
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: A Titanic pusztulása — Komédia. 127 pp. Európa, 1982.
Kántor, Imre: A Titanic, a nap, lázadó csillagok s egyéb legújabb költeményei. 159 pp. Vitéz Nyomda, 1916.
Lengyel, írpád: Titanic és Carpathia. 28 pp. Budapest í–nkéntes Mentíµegyesület, 1912.
Lord, Walter: A Titanic pusztulása. 171 pp. Kossuth, 1979 (3 later editions)
O’Donnell, E.E.: Browne atya Titanic-albuma: egy utas fényképfelvételei. 120 pp. Eri, 1998.
Prechtl, Robert: A titánok pusztulása. 1939.
Robertson, Morgan: A Titan végzete. 61 pp. Eri, 1998.
Tibballs, Geoff: A Titanic — a hí­res luxushajó különös és tragikus története. 128 pp. SubRosa, 1998.

Michael, have you considered adding a foreign book section to your comprehensive web site of Titanic books? I am sure that there are many unheard-of foreign titles in the collections of our Titanic community that might be interesting to be listed at least.

As for the books above, the early ones are next to impossible to get, and I do not have them either. Should you want to add some of the later to your collection, let me know, and I will keep my eyes open for you.

Best regards,

Kalman Tanito
Mar 28, 2002
Hello Kalman,

I think a foreign language section is a good idea, particularly for those who first language is not English. Also, I have bought several Titanic books whilst travelling that are not published in English. I feel like I'm missing out on something!


Oct 13, 2000
good grief, I have a hard enough time keeping up with the books in English! lol.

seriously though, I do not have the training to add foreign language titles to my site. not only do I not have the foreign language skills, neither do I know the printing conventions of the nonEnglish speaking publishers.

but I agree completely that it would be wonderful if someone were to tackle a nonEnglish bibliography of Titanic books.

as a matter of fact, Günter Bäbler has already done a very nice bibliography of books in German. I do not know how definitive it is, but it is a very attractive listing of 150 titles, each with a photo image of the cover.

if you are interested, I am pretty sure copies are still available from the author. go to the New Book Alerts page on my site and scroll down to May 14, 2001:


all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
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