Oskar Arvid Hedman

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My family knew one of the survivors, Oscar Hedman, who was our neighbor in Onida, SD and was a practicing Swedish masseur and a afficiondo of American large game hunting. He and his wife, Tillie, were very interesting and kindly friends until their deaths in the late 50s and early 60s. About 1948 they became members of the Presbyterian Church of Onida, where my father was pastor.

Jerry Ganfield
Owatonna, MN
I am researching an artifact given to my mother in 1920,by a Dr. Oscar Hedman, a survivor,in Onida S.D. Both my mother and father new him quite well having been born in Onida. The object is a bronze Scottish Terrier. The story that my mother relayed to me was that he purchased this item while onboard and was in his coat pocket when he jumped into a lifeboat. Is it possible to find a detailed list that might include descriptions of items?. The cargo manifest is very vague. Also I'm new to computers and having much trouble asking for help. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be gratefull. Thanks

John Lumley
Big Pine Key, FL>