Other Engine crew members

There are other members of the Engine area that are not mentioned above. These are:

- 2 Fireman Messmen
- 4 Mess Stewards
- 1 Chief Electrician
- 4 Electricians
- 1 Assistant Electrician
- 2 Storekeepers
- 2 Assistant Storekeepers
- 2 Deck Engineers
- 1 Plumber

Can someone identify their tasks and duties?

Here are my guesses. The Firemen Messmen and the Mess Stewards were responsible for the 3 mess halls on C Deck (for the Firemen, the Greasers and the Seamen) and, maybe, the Galley too? Were them in charge also of the general cleaning/keeping of the crew's sleeping quarters?

Where did the electricians work? In the Engine Rooms? Did they report directly to the Chief Engineer?

Would the Plumber work strictly with the Carpenter and Joiner?

What were the roles of the Deck Engineers? Their cabin were on C Deck, just opposite the cabin of the Lamp Trimmer and Storekeeper (who were part of the Deck crew).

Why would there be 2 storekeepers + 2 assistants in the Engine crew and also another storekeeper in the Deck crew? What "stores" would they work into?

Sorry for the many questions... :rolleyes: