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I was wondering...did anyone ever really find out what the other ship was? The one that Capt Smith saw in the horizon after they struck the iceberg as shown in A Night to Remember or was it 1958, 9153? Some books say it may have been a foreign ship illegally hunting seals, others say it was the Californian.

Glenn Miller (Glenn)

I recall the theory about the “pirate” hunting vessel but have never found substantiated information that wasn’t more the “it could have been”. Hopefully someone here can fill in the blanks on that one.

I invite you to consider reading Leslie Harrison’s book "A Titanic Myth. Leslie Harrison can be called a “Lordite” — people who want Captain Stanley Lord vindicated for his inactivity the night of the disaster. After reading Mr. Harrison’s book discover Mr. George Behe’s web page that eruditely refutes Mr. Harrison’s inclusions and exclusions of critical testimony. Mr. Behe’s treatise provides clear references and volleys Mr. Harrison directly on several inclusions and exclusions of the facts presented in his book. It is an interesting exchange that illustrates the range of opinion and interpretation of the controversy surrounding the California.

On another note and regarding the movie “A Night to Remember” recall the enthymeme of Captain Lord’s attentiveness portrayed as sobriety during the hours between midnight and daybreak. This portrayal was another angered spark for the Lordites to work for vindication. It would have been interesting to see how Mr. Cameron and his historical advisors portrayed Captain Lord in the scenes that were cut from the final version of “Titanic”. Clips of clips of the cuts are available on CD ROM. Perhaps, one day, a directors cut…

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Robert M. Richman (Titaniacbob)

It has been rumored that of the crew of the "OTHER SHIP" seen by Captain Smith was involved in illegal activities which is why it did nothing to help. A drunken crew member of that ship was suppossedly bragging approx: 10 years later in a pub about the disaster and how famous he and the rest of the crew would have been had they been allowed to become involved in the rescue.

Mike Herbold

Dec 13, 1999
I would have written earlier, but I've been looking up 'enthymeme'. Is that a typo or do I need to check the unabridged? Didn't find it in my small dictionary.
I've got an interesting tape in my Titanic video collection called "Atlantic Night." It's a tape of a 1955 TV drama about Titanic on the "Rheingold Theater" or Douglas Fairbanks Theater. The drama all takes place on a fictitious ship called the "Caledonian," which is obviously suppossed to be the "Californian." It's a re-enactment of what might have happened on the night opf April 14-15, 1912.

Tracey McIntire

Hi! I just had to join in this discussion as I just finished reading the incredible book by Leslie Reade--"The Ship That Stood Still." It is the most comprehensive discussion of the whole Californian incident that I have ever read. Reade comes to the conclusion that there could not have been any "other ship" and after reading his evidence, I agree with him. Definitely read this book if you are interested in this aspect of the disaster.
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