Other ships that picked up Titanic bodies

Dec 13, 2006
CS Minia
The Anglo-American Telegraph Company's CS Minia was chartered on 21 April and went to sea the following day under the command of W.E.S. DeCarteret, with undertaker H.W. Snow and the Rev. H.W. Cunningham (rector, Anglican Parish of St. George, Brunswick Street, Halifax) aboard. The vessel arrived at the disaster area on Friday 26 April, where it joined the Mackay-Bennett and remained until 3 May. Bad weather hampered the search throughout. After a week, only 17 bodies had been recovered; 15 were brought to Halifax to be claimed or interred.

CGS Montmagny
The Canadian Government Ship (CGS) Montmagny was a lighthouse-supply and buoy-tender vessel owned by the federal Department of Marine and Fisheries. She sailed from her home-port of Quebec City on 13 May 1912 for routine activities in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and northern New Brunswick waters. As she cruised towards Halifax, she was asked to search for bodies and wreckage from the Titanic.

SS Algerine
The SS Algerine was reputedly a vessel owned by Bowring Brothers of St. John's, Newfoundland, and was contracted by the White Star Line to search for bodies.

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