Own Story of Titanic using Imagination

Yourj Benig

Apr 27, 2012
Manila, Philippines
Abigail Campbell is a 19-year-old girl from Southampton, England. She’s in a middle class society. Her parents left Abigail and her sister to her grandparents for work in America when she was just 8 years old. 11 years later, she decided to follow her parents in New York and also to reach her dreams to be a Publicist. She was working on a pub while studying to help grandparents to earn money. Her younger sister Kelly, who is now 11 years old, is doing very well in school. They heard that Titanic will have it’s maiden voyage on 10th of April, 1912. Abigail decided to board the ship as third class. Her parents heard the news. They sent some money to them so that they can board the Titanic as First Class Passengers. Kelly’s nanny, Lucy will board with them too. This is the beginning of the story

here is my story of titanic........
Historical Fiction - The Titanic - Wattpad

I'm sorry if i have mistakes ..... hope you like it...

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