Oxford Titanic Model I got for Christmas

Hello, everyone. So this Christmas, I got an Oxford set model of the Titanic, and it's 68 centimeters (2 feet 2.77 inches) long. Oxford is basically a Lego bootleg from Korea. (Yes, Lego bricks and Oxford bricks can be used together.) I built the model today in just 4 to 5 hours, and I would like to show you a picture I took of the finished results of building the model. Feel free to tell me what you think of the model.
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Right. I was thinking of the wires, such as the guy wires for the mast , the Marconi Antenna, etc.
I have had a lot of experience back in the days when I was building model airplanes.
I also have a model of RMS Queen Mary so I can appreciate your efforts on RMS Titanic.
I got as far as the basics but it lacked a lot of the finer details.
Good luck and happy sailing !
Not really, but they left a stud on each extension wing where the propellers should be, so I took advantage of that by using the leftover flat gold blocks for the propellers on said studs. (It's at the lower aft of the ship in the image, right below the aft well deck.)
I’d say building that in 4-5 hours is quite noteworthy, especially when you consider that bricks from non-LEGO brands are incomparable in regard to quality. During construction, non-LEGO brand bricks just don’t snap together, and stay snapped together, as well as LEGO. It’s a great model though, well done. Looks even better after you added the overhead wire!!

Out of curiosity, what is everyone’s favorite Titanic building model?

Milos Grkovic

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Looks good. However, I don't appreciate a lack of detail they put into it but even still, it looks okay in my opinion.


I have this Oxford set, but unfortunately misplaced the instructions. Has anyone been able to locate instructions for this set online?